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The Paul Evans Architectural story so far...

Paul has been working in the Aluminium Fenestration industry since 1988, that’s almost 30 years of expertise and experience. Paul started work in this trade at Airedale Architecture in February of 1988 when he was aged 16, this is where he spent 13 years learning the trade on the shop floor fabricating aluminium doors, windows and curtain walling.

Between 2001 and 2003 Paul started working for West Yorkshire Glazing where procurement responsibilities were added to his daily job role. Then, In February 2003 Paul started making large upwards steps in the industry when he was employed by Aire Valley Architectural as the Estimating & Company Manager. More responsibility was now on Paul’s shoulders but he thrived from this and it only made him work harder. Paul spent just over 6 years in this role and was clearly progressing and expanding his knowledge as in April 2009 Continental Installations employed him to be Project & Estimation Manager.

Continental is where Paul started gaining contacts, creating partnerships and making a name for himself in the Aluminium Fenestration industry. Day in and day out he was in contact with various organisations, Director’s and Architects as well as site visiting. Paul based himself on being honest, as helpful as possible and aimed to never let the client down even when out of his own control, this is why Paul has become highly regarded within the industry.

In March of 2013 Paul was approached by one of the UK’s largest suppliers of aluminium, Senior Architectural Systems. This was an amazing opportunity for Paul to continue moving up in the industry and without question took on the role of Technical Sales Manager at Seniors. To fulfil this role successfully you must have endless knowledge on various systems and how they work as well as being able to communicate his knowledge to clients and customers. However, Paul spent just less than 2 years at Seniors before his good friend and now business partner Chris Collinson saw his business plan, a gap in the market and fully backed Paul’s idea... and the rest is history.

The start of Paul Evans Architectural…

After spending weeks viewing factory units across the Leeds and Bradford area Paul finally found the one he wanted, 4000sqft, clean, modern, secure and ideally located just off the M62 in Bradford. After pulling his hair out for weeks waiting for keys to his new premises, Paul finally got handed the keys in February 2015… time for the fun to begin.

Despite the building already being in very good condition Paul and his son spent between 6 and 8 weeks refurbing the building to make it feel like home. Walls and floors were painted, racking was built, safe zones were created and then we were ready to start installing our new machinery. Once all the preparation for opening was out the way it was time to start manufacturing doors and windows…. Paul already had work to start for the opening day.

Ian Evans, Pauls Brother and a highly experienced fabricator with over 25 years’ experience jumped at the opportunity of working at Paul Evans Architectural and started working with us from day one. Within 3 months we had recruited 3 more additional highly skilled fabricators, a young labourer and an Administration Manager, we were starting to see growth already and believe it or not… Paul was worrying about the size of his factory unit as the first months exceeded all expectations.

By April 2016, a year after Paul Evans Architectural opened its Doors, we had gained new customers, relationships and were continuously stacked out with work, keeping our now team of now 6 fabricators extremely busy. However, Paul had reached a stage where he was having to turn down big contracts due to not having enough room to store materials and finished products. This infuriated Paul and lead to long, in-depth discussions with his business partner about doubling the size of our premises and increasing staff so we would have the capabilities to take on any sized job and by July 2016 we had a new premise sorted and so began the big move.

The BIG move and expansion at PEA…

The main issue when preparing for the move was ensuring on going work could still commence as well as allowing time for some staff to get the new building looking spick and span. The highly skilled and experienced fabricators stayed at Bradford and continued works on on-going jobs until it was time to move all work and machinery to the new unit in Leeds. The new premises are over double the size of our old one, over 9000sqft, plenty of storage, a private car park and office accommodation, the size difference is enormous. After the big move was completed two new people were employed straight away as part of the move was being able to take on a lot more work and this is what happened from day one of being in Leeds.

By the start of 2017 Paul Evans Architectural has 15 employees, demonstrating the exceptional growth within our first 2 years. At the end of January 2017, we took another huge step in the industry by securing £80,000 worth of CNC machinery. This allows us to manufacture many more aluminium products in a much more efficient way ensuring PEA keeps pace with ever increasing demand.