AOV Systems

PEA is a leading manufacturer of Automated Opening Vents, or Smoke Vents (AOV) within the UK window systems market. Compliant to EN12101-2 standards, we specify AOV systems for Commercial, Residential or any communal facility. Our experienced team can advise on the best solutions to integrate the AOV within the building management system. All systems are tested thoroughly before being delivered, using approved accredited suppliers, and all components are inspected before manufacturing begins.

Automatic Opening Vents have a dual function within a building, the first is for daily ventilation optimizing the quality of indoor air. The second is for fire safety, as part of a building’s fire safety procedures the AOV is linked to your building management system for 24/7 monitoring. Recent updates to UK building regulations stipulate a requirement for new buildings to incorporate AOV’s as they are life-saving essentials.

AOV window


Linked to the building management system the AOV system uses sensors around the building to detect any heat or smoke present. The sensors are active 24/7 enabling an automatic response to trigger the AOV system should any smoke or heat be detected within the building. The benefit of the system not only helps to contain the fire but to protect occupants by extracting the smoke from the building, creating safer escape routes, or to provide an access point for a fire officer. Our systems are fully regulated.


There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a hot and stuffy building with no fresh air, but the option to utilize AOVs within your communal areas can help improve the regulation of fresh air within your building. Electric window actuators can be used to drive fresh air through a building, through a smart control system with sensor points.

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