What’s the importance of Smoke Ventilation in a Building

PEA team member creating an AOV smoke ventilation system

When it comes to top-notch smoke ventilation solutions, Paul Evans Architectural stands out. Known for their expertise in AOV (automatic opening ventilator) manufacturing, they offer complete AOV turnkey solutions that adhere to the SDI 19 standard. Their systems are designed to ensure compliance and optimise safety and efficiency. Paul Evans Architectural’s comprehensive approach covers all […]


AOV window for smoke control build to SCA IFC SDI 19, the new certification scheme developed by the Smoke Control Association (SCA) in partnership with IFC Certification

What is SDI 19? SDI 19 is the new certification scheme developed by the Smoke Control Association (SCA) in partnership with IFC Certification. Why was SDI 19 Created? The certification was created to help raise standards across the industry, and to ensure a suitable level of competency is a maintained in all aspects of smoke […]

Why is it Important to have Natural and Smoke Ventilation in a Multi Storey Car Park

multi story car park with natural and smoke ventilation.

Smoke ventilation plays a critical role in the safety, air quality, and fire management of multi-story car parks. Effective ventilation systems are essential for ensuring these structures remain safe and operational. By implementing both natural and smoke ventilation systems, car parks can maintain a healthy environment for occupants and provide crucial safety measures in the […]

Ensuring Compliance with EN 12101-2: A Guide for Landlords

A room filled with smoke. Ensuring Compliance with EN 12101-2: A Guide for Landlords.

EN 12101-2 stands as a vital standard concerning smoke ventilation systems within buildings, playing a pivotal role in ensuring safe evacuation during fire emergencies. For landlords, adhering to EN 12101-2 compliance is not just a legal obligation but a fundamental aspect of safeguarding tenants’ lives. Here’s what landlords need to consider: 1. Installation and Maintenance […]

AOV legislation in England, Scotland and Wales: an Overview

AOV window Yorkshire, AOV manufacturer Paul Evans Architectural AOV Legislation in UK

UK AOV legislation mandates that all structures, including workplaces, must establish unobstructed escape routes devoid of smoke in the event of a fire. Employing an AOV system enables businesses to mitigate potential visual and respiratory impairments caused by smoke, thereby assisting in compliance with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO). The FSO 2005 […]

PAS24 – The Ultimate Security

PAS24 enhanced security seal.

More and more today security is priority for homeowners and property developers. With burglaries on the rise, your windows and doors must be at the correct standard in order to best protect your property. PAS 24 is a security standard that can only be achieved once a product has undergone thorough testing and has been […]

Key Components of a Smoke Ventilation System: A Comprehensive Guide

AOV window by Paul Evans Architecture. Smoke Ventilation window.

When it comes to fire safety in buildings, a well-designed smoke ventilation system is essential. Such a system ensures that smoke is managed effectively during a fire emergency, enhancing safety for occupants and aiding firefighting efforts. Let’s explore the crucial components that make up an efficient smoke ventilation system. 1. Smoke Vents or Roof Hatches […]

Team Day Out

day at the races

The team took a deserved day out at York Racecourse Musical Festival Weekend, the race day was followed by an evening concert with The Human League. The evening weather didn’t deter some singing and dancing in the rain! The day began with the customary hustle and bustle of race day. The racecourse, with its sprawling […]

The Advantages of Aluminium Façades in Modern Architecture

custom designed aluminium facade shop front and windows by Paul Evans, Yorkshire, garden centre architecture

The Advantages of Aluminium Façades in Modern Architecture In today’s dynamic architectural landscape, aluminium façades have gained significant popularity as a versatile and innovative choice. Renowned for their durability, aesthetic appeal, and adaptability, aluminium façade systems offer numerous benefits that align perfectly with the demands of contemporary architecture. Durability and Longevity Aluminium is celebrated for […]

PEA’s Newsletter December – 2022

Paul Evans image from Paul Evans architectural. PEA's newsletter December 2022.

Welcome to PEA’s Newsletter! See what’s happening here at PEA, latest production capacity updates and an introduction to our Managing Director, Paul Evans. At PEA, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Our recent efforts have led to significant enhancements in our production capacity, enabling us to better serve our clients and meet the […]