Case Study – Goole Innovation Centre – December 2021

PEA were recently commissioned to manufacture the windows for a multi-million-pound business centre and innovation hub in Goole Innovation centre, in collaboration with their client Chemplas. This prestigious project, named the Rail, Accelerator and Innovation Solutions Hub for Enterprise (RaisE), is set to transform the local business landscape by providing state-of-the-art facilities and fostering innovation and enterprise.

The RaisE hub will encompass 3,200 square metres of premium commercial floor space, meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern businesses. This space will be segmented into grade-A office and workshop accommodations, ensuring that companies have access to top-tier work environments that can support their growth and operational efficiency. The hub’s design reflects a commitment to quality and innovation, which is perfectly aligned with PEA’s values and expertise in manufacturing superior window solutions.

One of the standout features of the RaisE hub is its high-quality conferencing facilities. These spaces are intended to host a variety of events, from business meetings and workshops to large-scale conferences, providing a professional and adaptable environment for both tenants and external organizations. The conferencing facilities are expected to become a vital resource for the business community in Goole, facilitating collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

In addition to office and workshop spaces, the RaisE hub will include a welcoming communal cafe hub. This cafe will serve as a focal point for the business park, offering a relaxed environment where professionals can meet, network, and unwind. The cafe’s design emphasizes comfort and accessibility, making it an ideal spot for casual meetings and social interactions.

The RaisE project represents a significant investment in Goole’s future, aiming to attract new businesses and support the growth of existing ones. PEA is proud to contribute to this transformative project by providing high-quality windows that enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the hub. The collaboration with Chemplas highlights PEA’s commitment to excellence and innovation in every project they undertake.

In summary, the RaisE hub in Goole Innovation Centre is set to become a cornerstone of the local business community, offering premium office spaces, top-notch conferencing facilities, and a vibrant communal cafe. PEA’s involvement in this project underscores their dedication to delivering exceptional products and supporting the growth of innovative business environments.


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