Update from our MD Paul Evans – March 2022

Firstly, the team here at PE-A send our heartfelt best wishes to the people of Ukraine.

The awful situation they find themselves in is not of their making but they are the ones suffering. Our governments response could be said to be slow but the response of the British publish offering accommodation to refugees is both commendable and heart-warming.

Of course, there is much talk about sanctions and the effect on the economy here in UK. As a business we will not be affected immediately but the UK supply chain as a whole most certainly will. Certain products that we use do emulate from Russia but many others do not. The impact on the industry in general is difficult to predict but it would be naive to assume that things can carry on regardless. Currently we are relying on UK stock levels in the industry and hopefully these could last until the conclusion of this uncertain period.

Alongside this dreadful impact of the invasion the rises in fuel, utilities and logistics costs are starting to bite, we will hold on as long as possible before passing any increase on to our clients. We maintain our focus on customer service and value.

Pleasingly I can say that business is brisk, booked up until at least June with some fabulous projects coming through. Recently we manufactured and fitted our products in an office conversion in Bedale and two detached homes in Doncaster, showing our versatility in both supply and install. Images to follow on our social media portals.

Our expansion into our new space next is almost complete giving the additional space we so desperately need, hopefully as April approaches and March 2022 is done, we’ll be well set to power on into 2022 and beyond.

Two new team members have recently been welcomed into PEA fabrication team which will give us greater resource moving forward, Paul Davis and Stephen Carver will offer even greater scope and skillsets to the business and our clients. We look forward to progress and positive news for the remainder of 2022 after this March 2022 month.


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