PEA’s Newsletter – May 2022

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Our Continued Growth

We are delighted to announce the news that we have been given access to a new warehouse with 5000ft2 of additional floor space, adjacent to our current factory. We mentioned in our November newsletter that this was being negotiated and we are pleased to announce it has finally happened!

After a tough year, this goes to show PEA is built on a very solid platform and our continued growth will create jobs along with products and services that were previously restricted due to capacity and floor space. 

Supply chain

We have seen some recent improvements in supply chain issues, but we continue to remain cautious as we believe this to still be quite a fragile situation. As always, we will do our utmost to mitigate any supply chain issues for our customers. Our added storage space, though not unlimited, will also help to ease any supply issues.


As promised, we would like to introduce you to our two new fabricators, Steve Carver and Paul Davis, who have become an integral part of our production team since starting with us in February 2022. You can see more information about our team over on our website.

PEA Production Capacity


Price increase notifications are still a daily issue. Everything is increasing in price from the detergent used by our cleaner to the Aluminum that forms the bulk of our product offering. Inflation in April hit 9%, the highest level since the early 80s and continues to impact businesses. Again, we will continue to drive efficiencies to mitigate the impact this volatility will have on our customers. Our increased capacity through additional space and our two new recent recruits will help significantly in this area.


If you have recently required our services, Paul Evans Architectural would love your feedback. Please feel free to post a review to our profile via google my business: 



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